The Golden Bachelor’ Couple Divorces, Host Sends Supportive Message

During their joint appearance on “Good Morning America” Friday, Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist, the soon-to-be-divorced groom and bride from last season’s Golden Bachelor, spoke about the difficulties they had in their marriage.

The Golden Bachelor host, Jesse Palmer, shared a photo of the prom immediately after the series finale, along with some encouraging comments.

Palmer shared how much he loved these two extraordinary people. He said meeting Gerry and Theresa and being a tiny part of their journey was an incredible experience, and he feels fortunate to have had it.

The couple mentioned distance as one reason their relationship failed. Turner enjoyed spending time at his lake home in Indiana, while Nist lived in New Jersey.

Turner accomplished a lot when he was a bachelor. At 72 years old, he was the show’s oldest star. It only took him a few months to become the first “Golden Bachelor” to get engaged and then married.

In Costa Rica, he proposed to Nist on one knee. They subsequently tied the knot at the “Golden Wedding,” a landmark event in the series that included the first live wedding shown on television in a decade.

During her interview on GMA, Turner said that the couple had numerous honest conversations and ultimately decided to break their marriage.

Nist felt they were really loved and supported by the viewing audience. Many viewers said how the program gave them hope, which moved them. Nist said that she hopes nothing changes on that front for everyone’s sake.

Their failure to settle on a permanent living situation seemed to cause their breakup. Turner now calls Indiana home, while Nist is based in New Jersey.

Nist said they examined properties in South Carolina, contemplated New Jersey, and tirelessly inspected one home after another, yet they never reached the stage of finalizing a decision.

Turner conveyed his unwavering fondness for Nist. There is no doubt in his mind that his feelings for her have not faded. Day in and day out, I stand at her side, Turner said.

According to Nist, she still has strong feelings for Turner.