Deadly House Explosion in New Jersey Kills Elderly Man

On Thursday, tragedy hit central New Jersey when a house exploded, killing one person and injuring another seriously.

According to officials, the blast in South River happened around seven p.m., and it damaged residences nearby.

62-year-old Kevin Gilbert was pronounced dead at the scene, according to South River Police Chief Mark Tinitigan and Middlesex County prosecutor Yolanda Ciccone.

The wounded person was reportedly sent to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

Officials said that upon arrival at  Continental Court, first responders found two individuals with critical injuries.

At this moment, it is unknown what caused the explosion.

Photos taken on the scene show the devastation caused by the explosion; the home is gutted, and rubble litters the otherwise peaceful suburban street.

Fire authorities have confirmed that the neighbors could leave safely and without incident.

Drone footage shows a flattened home and rubble thrown in all directions. The backyards of neighboring homes also revealed portions of the house. Whether any of the neighboring houses were damaged is still unknown. As Mayor Peter Guindi stated, all gas lines in the area have been turned off, and inhabitants have been ordered to leave.

The New Jersey branch of PSE&G said it was there to assist with the investigation and work with the police.

There have been reports of several road closures close to the house.

The power of the explosion was so great that those living nearby could feel it from blocks away. Reportedly, people’s windows rattled, and household goods shook during the tremors. Many people thought it was just another earthquake.

Two days ago, there was another explosion in Middlesex County.

A tragic blast at a business building in Old Bridge claimed the life of a lady from South River. Regrettably, the event also injured four others. So far, the investigation into the explosion has shown no unusual activity and no signs of foul play.

The incident is still being investigated.