Drive-by Shooting in Forth Worth Kills Four Kids, Two Adults

A drive-by shooting in Fort Worth, Texas, left six individuals wounded on the evening of Tuesday, April 30th. Four of them were children.

The shooting incident at an apartment building was reported at approximately 7:30 pm by MedStar and Fort Worth Fire Department.

MedStar is an emergency medical service that relies on funds collected from insurance companies and government programs like Medicare and Medicaid to cover most of its expenses.

According to the Fort Worth police, the assailant drove by the apartment complex just before opening fire. The shooter fired shots from the vehicle’s window, striking all of his victims as they sat outside the building.

Fire Chief Neil Noakes of the Fort Worth Police Department expressed his disgust over the shooting.  According to Noakes, the incident seemed to have been isolated, and the public was not at risk.

Cook Children’s Hospital was notified, and all four children were sent there for treatment. One adult was transported to a different hospital in the region, and the second adult refused to go.

According to FWPD Officer Brad Perez, the injured victims’ ages span from three to nineteen. The youngest victim, according to the police, is only three years old. Doctors needed to remove the girl’s damaged kidney, and her father reported that she was still in the hospital.

Officials are still trying to piece together what motivated the shooter, but according to Noakes, there’s no justification for the kind of violent, dangerous behavior that leads to the shooting of children. Sadly, that’s exactly what we’re dealing with.

The person suspected has evaded capture.

Fort Worth Police Department data shows that 51 offenses against individuals were reported in March 2022. The number of instances increased to 53 one year later. According to the most recent statistics available, crimes perpetrated against individuals decreased to 32 in March 2024.