Teen Gets Seizures After Friend Supplies Synthetic Marijuana

A Conneticuit woman recounts a traumatizing experience she had as a teenager experimenting with marijuana with friends. Alexa Weinbaum, who was 16 at the time of the traumatizing experience, says she smoked a synthetic version of marijuana that left her suffering from seizures and memory loss.

In 2016, Weinbaum, who is now 24, went to a party with friends where her childhood best friend passed her what appeared to be a bong that is used to smoke marijuana. After taking only one puff of the substance, Weinbaum recalls immediately blacking out. Once she finally came too, Weinbaum stated that she awoke to her friends standing over her and beating her, where she then broke free of their assault and ran outside into the street. Weibaum claims that following that she suffered a series of seizures outside of the party.

A local neighbor nearby witnessed Weinbaum collapse to the ground where they then called 911. Once emergency services had arrived, Weinbaum was connected to oxygen, an IV drip into her arm, and a battery to scan her brain and heart for acute, permanent damage.

Once taken to the hospital, doctors determined that the substance Weinbaum had smoked was K2, which is a synthetic form of marijuana. K2 has a street name called, “spice”, and contains similar chemicals like THC but is much more potent. Doctors also found traces of opiates in the young girl’s system. Weinbaum was hospitalized for several days following the incident. Once she was released, Weinbaum still returned to the hospital for various mental and physical health reasons. Weinbaum has stated that heart-related issues have stayed with her since the incident.

Weinbaum stated that she does not know why her so-called friends attacked her, however, she later found out that her best friend had been groomed by an older man who gave her the synthetic marijuana. Alexa Weinbaum truly believes her friends tried to kill her that night.