Russian Progress in Ukraine War Worries the US

The Biden administration is becoming more worried that Putin is gaining steam to alter the course of the conflict in Ukraine, which might turn around his previously waning chances to prevail.

Moscow’s forces have launched a fresh offensive close to Kharkiv, the country’s second-largest city, compelling Ukraine to refocus its depleted resources on defending territory it reclaimed from Russia in a surprise triumph in the autumn of 2022. The United States and NATO’s artillery and drones, which arrived late to the battlefield but were unexpectedly powerful, were neutralized by Russian electronic warfare capabilities.

After the supply of new weapons is wholly opened, which is expected to happen in July, and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine discovers methods to deploy more—and younger—troops to the front lines, many of these Russian advances will be reversible, according to American officials. Even a few months from now, they are reluctant to make predictions about the battle lines or if Mr. Zelenskyy will be able to launch his long-delayed counteroffensive next year after the failure of his previous spring attempt.

This new development does not surprise those who have dealt with Mr. Putin’s repeated conflicts. On the battlefield, Moscow’s superiority is due to a conglomeration of circumstances rather than a single cause. Russia has gained a significant artillery advantage over Ukraine due to the postponement of U.S. aid. Russia has been able to assault Ukrainian positions with glide bombs with more impunity due to the shortage of ammunition for air defense. Ukraine might make it harder for Russia to launch air attacks by using more air defense ammunition to push those jets further back.

One of the most significant tank fights of the war took place in Kharkiv, and the Russians’ newfound vigor is most noticeable there. During the first year of the war, in 2022, it was the epicenter of battle as the city came under artillery bombardment from advancing Russian soldiers. Russian soldiers were driven out of the area, and a large portion of the ground was reclaimed by Ukrainian troops in a surprise counteroffensive that autumn.

The Ukrainians repelled the assault on the city.