US Outsourcing Chip Production to Taiwan Could Be a National Security Issue

It should come as no unpopular or surprising statement when it is said that over the last 20 years advancements made in human technology (especially in regard to the internet and the computer) have improved so significantly that the world at large would be unrecognizable to an individual who passed away in the mid-1980s or even the early 1990s. It is truly staggering to fathom and comprehend how rapidly technological innovation has made marked strides in such a short period of only a decade or two. Indeed, in 1999, the internet was in its infancy; Y2K was a serious fear for many Americans and people across the world, and cell phones were a novelty. Indeed, technology has created serious changes in human existence through time since the turn of the millennium.

But while technology has enabled great things to occur, there can be no denying that inventions like the smartphone and internet have greatly contributed to destroying the moral fabric of America. One area in which this is easily displayed is in American public schools. In New Jersey, radical new curriculums were implemented in schools that discuss issues like trangenderism and “gender ideology” in increasingly young grade level classes. It appears that leftists are attempting to teach children about sexual things at very young ages, and many schools in New Jersey have been exposed for providing books in school libraries that depict graphic acts that are easily accessible to minors. Parents across the state are livid.

Additionally, as America appears to have lost its moral compass, increasing tensions have resulted with China and Russia as international events continue to unfold. China is dominating in the pacific and is winning the crucial economic war with America and Russia is beating Ukraine in the eastern part of Europe. War continues on in the middle east as well. Amidst this, American firms are outsourcing “chip” production (technology) to Taiwan, a major security risk.