Mike Tyson, Jake Paul’s Conference Interrupted by Swearing Teen

A viral teen influencer shocked audiences as well as two world-famous boxers this past Monday and the legendary Apollo Theatre in Harlem, NY. The two boxers were Jake Paul and legendary heavyweight champion of the world “Iron” Mike Tyson. Tyson and Paul were holding a press conference at the theater while answering the audience member’s questions as a promotion for their upcoming boxing match this July in Arlington, Texas.

In the audience, 14-year-old Kayo Martin stood up to ask an array of ludicrous questions to both boxers, as well as using a variety of slang and swear words to get his point across. Martin’s bizarre questions and slander shocked audiences, including Tyson and Paul, who appeared baffled at the teenager’s audacity.

Martin began by asking the two fighters, “Who do you think has the bigger b***s” as well as asking which of the two fighters had a, “higher body count”. Due to the shock of such questions from the teen, Paul buried his head in his hands from embarrassment and Tyson himself asked where the child’s parental supervision was. However, Martin did not stop there as he finalized his statement by asking Paul if he thought his body count was higher, followed by an array of foul language in the mix of praising the two fighters.

Kayo Martin is a social media influencer from New York with 123,000 followers on Instagram. Martin’s social media content often includes prank videos, skateboarding, local deli visits, and riding Citi bikes that are too big for him. One video showed Martin dangerously climbing up out of a subway track, moments before a subway car passed by.

Following the press conference, Jake Paul was seen with his influencer and WWE wrestler brother, Logan Paul discussing the bizarreness of Martin’s words. Both brothers seemed to be in shock following the moment, with Logan Paul asking “Who is that kid? That kid was a hoot!”.