Greek Vacation Turns Tragic as British Tourist Drowns in Ocean

A British tourist’s vacation quickly turned into a horrible nightmare when the 76-year-old who was visiting a Greek island drowned in nearby waters and tragically lost his life. The man was pulled out of the water by rescue services but unfortunately could not be saved.

The tourist, whose name has not been revealed, was a 76-year-old man from Great Britain who was taking a day trip vacation with his wife to the Greek island of Kalymnos, an island located in the Aegean Sea. The island is a part of the Dodecanese Island group in the Mediterranean and is a popular tourist spot for rock climbers due to its elevated regions. The couple traveled to the remote island by boat from the nearby city of Kos, where they decided to take a swim at the Almyres Beach of Kalymnos. While swimming, the British man underwent some sort of stress and began to drown.

Emergency services via Greece’s Coast Guard were able to rescue the man out of the water and bring him to the Vahti port, where he was then rushed to the Kalymnos General Hospital. However, local rescue teams seemingly did not make it there in time as the man was pronounced dead, despite the doctor’s efforts.

Currently, the British man’s cause of death remains unknown. The Kalymnos Port Authority has launched an ongoing investigation into the incident that resulted in the tourist’s loss of life. It was the man’s second trip this year, with his first being in Goa, India in March

This vacation tragedy comes just one month after the recent death of another tourist from Britain who drowned in Mauritius, which is an island off the coast of Madagascar. It is alleged that he drowned during the first swim of his trip, which were rough seas at the time. Another British man had been swept away by strong currents off a beach in India, who also drownded.