Trump Mocks Biden For Depending Too Much on Teleprompter in Speeches

When President Biden paused because prompts on the teleprompter confused him, former President Trump mercilessly mocked him. In a humorous manner, Trump also questioned the Wisconsin audience whether he should keep calling Biden “sleepy” or change his preferred monicker to “crooked.”

The Republican contender alluded to Biden’s most recent address to the union, in which the President read the directions aloud.

At the rally held at the Waukesha County Expo Center, the 77-year-old Trump highlighted his ability to give remarks without the need for technology aid. He made this declaration while on vacation from his hush money trial, which is still underway.

After imitating the bumbling Biden, Trump quipped that Biden should

“get some rest.”

Trump, who is known to stray from the script, pointed out that he has a blank area on his teleprompter and knows what to do with it. He was shocked that Biden had to be told to “pause.” He was even more shocked that Biden would actually read aloud “pause.”

Afterward, Trump took a brief break from the platform at a rally in Michigan to fiddle with his teleprompter. He addressed the eager audience and commented that the teleprompters were “gonzo” because of their unorthodoxness.

Trump blasted Biden for being silent during nationwide college campus demonstrations and a recent Wisconsin appearance.

Trump claims that Biden needs to speak out more about concerns and be more approachable to the people since he has been somewhat quiet.

Pro-Palestinian tent cities have sprung up on university campuses nationwide.

President Biden has opted not to address the situation, even though the White House has denounced the demonstrators who invaded Hamilton Hall at Columbia University and held a banner with a contentious message.

During his event in Wisconsin, Trump urged college presidents to take immediate action against the encampments, confront extremists, and guarantee that all students can study in a secure setting.