TV Show Host Splits From Boyfriend After Discovered He Cheated While Proposing

Michelle Elman, host of “This Morning,” revealed her breakup with her fiancé. She said she learned that he was unfaithful on the same day he proposed to her.

Tearfully posting on Instagram, the life coach and author—who has appeared on the ITV show many times—explained that she had broken off their engagement. She joked about how she finds it deeply ironic now that she has built a business out of advising others on their romantic lives.

After enduring fifteen complicated operations that left her emotionally and physically wounded as a youngster, Michelle became a motivational coach after overcoming life-threatening health issues, lengthy hospital stints, and other traumatic events. A cyst in her head, hydrocephalus, a brain tumor, a perforated gut, and an obstructed colon were all part of her medical history.

She posted images of her scars from her surgeries as a source of self-confidence. She recounted her near-death experience during brain tumor treatment when she was 11 years old in 2018.

Michelle encouraged her followers not to look for her ex-boyfriend and kept his name secret. She said she hadn’t gotten anywhere by yelling at him, throwing the ring out the window, or dumping his wine down the drain. Even though it was a significant blunder, she maintains that errors teach us valuable lessons and that we are not our actions.

Michelle, who has been without a partner for a long time, spoke about her healing process and the significance of finding love.

In August of 2021, after eight years of being alone, Michelle started dating her ex-partner. She said they had been dating for a year after the outbreak, sharing a photo of them swimming together. The eight years she was unmarried and the lessons she learned about dating without self-loathing were the primary themes of her relationship memoir.

She dated a slew of terrible guys and had an emotionally abusive relationship. She now has a partner who accepts her without judgment and doesn’t label her “high-maintenance” when she demands her wants to be fulfilled.

During her journey, Michelle has experienced abundant love, support, and personal development. She is prepared to provide more details about her single journey and is thankful for the support she receives from her fans.