NATO Secy General Reaffirms Support for Ukraine’s Membership

While meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kyiv to address the continuing crisis and future assistance from the alliance, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that Ukraine would become a member.

According to Stoltenberg, leadership and bravery alone cannot repel the Russian forces; one also needs arms and ammunition.

He went on to commend President Zelenskyy’s leadership and the Ukrainian military’s and people’s bravery. He said significant delays in assistance have had severe implications on the battlefield.

The United States has unveiled a massive new assistance package of over $60 billion, which Stoltenberg has warmly welcomed. The United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands have already pledged further funds. During their meeting, the two heads of state also spoke about the upcoming NATO Summit in July, when the alliance is expected to reveal its intentions to play a more active role in organizing security support and training for Ukraine. According to Stoltenberg, Ukraine should be a member of NATO and is now taking steps to guarantee its participation in the alliance.

Ukraine’s permanent NATO membership is seen as “inevitable,” but the nation is having trouble fulfilling all of the requirements for membership right now because of its war with Russia. Nonetheless, to resolve these difficulties and perhaps hasten Ukraine’s route to membership, NATO and its members are now involved in talks and negotiations. The decision to allow Ukraine to join NATO without a Membership Action Plan was made during the 2023 Vilnius summit.

Earlier this month, Elon Musk expressed concern that Ukraine’s request to join NATO may trigger a “nuclear apocalypse,” using the disturbing 1983 film ‘The Day After’ to illustrate the dire implications that could ensue. This follows President Vladimir Putin’s earlier warning against “nuclear blackmail” from the West, and last year, Putin warned the West that Ukraine’s admittance into NATO might ultimately lead to a World War III scenario.