Teen Mother Charged With Brutal Murder Of Infant

A Nebraska teen is accused of killing her newborn infant by cutting its neck and stuffing the body into a bag of dog food. First-degree murder with a lethal weapon is among the charges she faces.

On November 6, officials were summoned to a residence in Gordon, Nebraska, after receiving reports that a teenage female had given birth to a baby that “was not breathing.”

The Star-Herald acquired an affidavit that said the teen’s father informed emergency personnel that the infant was stillborn or died shortly after birth. When the police entered the family home, they observed that the girl’s mother was cradling the baby’s body. The girl’s mother allegedly admitted to the reporter that her daughter had harmed the infant.

When the police viewed the baby’s body, they realized that the child had its neck sliced and that there were multiple wounds on the left side of the chest. EMS workers arrived swiftly and took over the life-saving treatment the police had started.

The girl’s parents answered the police’s questions truthfully when they inquired what led up to the event. They said that an hour before the terrible event, their daughter had taken a knife out of a kitchen drawer. Neither parent witnessed their child take the knife to her room; officials discovered it missing after searching the house.

The girl allegedly told her mother that she had a heavy period after the event and wanted to buy some tampons and pads. The teenager’s parents and the family dog then burst into her room shortly after she made this statement. The report states that they found blood all over the walls.

After returning from her errands, the mother confronted her daughter, 16, and it was then that she admitted to killing her baby. The baby’s body was found in the girl’s closet, wrapped in an empty dog food bag, prompting the mother to notify her husband.

According to court papers obtained by the Star Herald, the girl has been granted counsel and is now being jailed without bond.