Texas Attorney General Says Attended Trump Trial for Support

Donald Trump is seemingly backed into a corner, more alone than he has ever been during his ongoing business fraud trial in New York that began on April 15th this year. The trial is centered around the allegation of Trump paying  However, he may not be as alone as the former president thinks he is. With many of Trump’s former associates testifying against him in court, one Texas man has come to sit behind Trump’s defense team in court offering the former president his full support.

On Tuesday, Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas reported to digital news outlet Newsmax, that he attended Trump’s business fraud trial in Manhattan as a sign of mutual support to the former president, who currently is against all odds during his trial. In a recent interview with Newsmax talkshow Rob Schmitt Tonight, Attorney General Paxton explained that he completely understands Trump’s situation, something he says Trump and him have classified as a “weaponized justice system”.

Paxton found himself in a similar case as Trump’s when he was acquitted by the Texas Senate last year on 16 counts of impeachment after accusations were made against the AG of misusing his political powers to help a donor who was being federally investigated.

Paxton went on to say that the current justice system has been extremely weaponized against Trump only recently, to stop all attempts of Trump succeeding in this upcoming presidential election. Paxton’s presence during the trial was to show that Trump was not alone during his case. The Texas AG concluded his comments by acknowledging that the weaponization of the current justice system could have grave effects on America in the future, putting into perspective that the country would not be much different than communist countries like Venezuela or China.

Donald Trump is currently fighting fraud chargers from allegations that he paid adult film star Stormy Daniels to silence her affair claims against Trump.