Taxpayers Furious As NYPD Backs Accused Mayor

New York has seen a surge of high-profile accusations by women claiming illicit advances by men in the last days before a temporary statute of limitations on civil abuse and harassment claims, regardless of their age, expires.

Without dismissal or settlement, the lawsuits against New York Mayor Eric Adams, music entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs, and rock star Axl Rose may go to jury trials. In a lawsuit filed against Mayor Eric Adams for unwanted advances while employed by the NYC Transit Police, former NYPD officer Sal Greco has asked for documentation that backs the city’s decision to defend Adams at the taxpayer’s expense.

The new mayor, Eric Adams, has surrounded himself with criminals, according to Greco, who feels he was targeted and unlawfully dismissed from his job at the NYPD; so, he is suing the NYPD over this judgment. He has asked the New York City Law Department to explain its decision to support Mayor Adams in an assault case by filing an Open Records Request.

An official from the New York Police Department and court documents indicate that Mayor Adams and the lady making accusations were employed at the city’s Transit Police Department concurrently. Late Wednesday, the woman—whose identity is being concealed owing to the delicate nature of her accusations—noticed that she intends to sue Adams, claiming that he attacked her in 1993 when they “both worked for the City of New York.”

The municipal law department has verified that Adams, who has vigorously disputed the assault charge, would be represented in the assault case. Since the woman’s charges were made before Adams was mayor, Manhattan Councilwoman Gale Brewer questioned how he could have the Law Department defend him.

According to a spokesperson from City Hall, Adams has the authority to seek assistance from the Law Department regarding his tenure as an employee of the city.