Six Key Points to Know After Week One of Trump’s Hush Money Trial

The infamous business fraud trial of former President Donald J. Trump began just over a week ago with Democratic New York prosecutors attempting to charge Trump with previous election interference and already there are major takeaways from the case so far. The trial is based on the allegations that Trump used his former attorney Michael Cohen to buy silence from individuals with negative stories about the then-running republican candidate, with New York prosecutors claiming these payments were fraudulently labeled as a “legal expense”.

American cable news company, Newsmax, has recapped six major developments from the trial. Trump himself has publicly deemed the trials as what he calls the “Biden trials”, implementing the current administration is using the charges as a way to keep Trump from winning the 2024 election.

The first topic covered is the allegations made by Trump’s executive assistant, Rhona Graff, that Daniels was auditioning for the reality show, The Apprentice in New York during the time of their alleged affair.

Next was the testimony by National Enquirer publisher David Pecker, in which Pecker claimed the tabloid media outlet used tactics to buy out the publishing rights of negative stories against Trump and strike them down. The tactic was labeled by Pecker as a “catch-and-kill” method.

Following this, Newsmax reported claims that the Judge observing the trial has donated funds to Democrats and is the father of a daughter whose occupation is based around funding Democratic candidates who are publicly against Trump.

The following three topics covered by the channel centered around the true reasoning behind the allegations of the trial, such as DA Alvin Briggs still questioning the actual crime that  President Trump had committed. Former independent counsel Sol Wisenberg declares that what Trump is accused of a non-crime and that nothing the former president did was illegal. Finally, legal experts have noted that the prosecutors are ignoring the concepts of the Constitution to help their cause.