Rumors Of Third-Party Run For Larry Hogan Skyrocket

The America United PAC, led by former Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan, has produced a new ad that emphasizes foreign policy toward Israel and Ukraine.

Hogan hasn’t completely ruled out a third-party presidential run in 2024, and the video’s tone has only fueled talk about it. Suppose current President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are nominated by their respective parties in 2024. In that case, No Labels, of which Hogan is the national co-chairman, may put forward a candidate.

Hogan’s latest video, dubbed “Allies,” combines imagery of Russian aggression against Ukraine and terrorist assaults by Hamas against Israel with the candidate’s comments on the United States’ response and criticism of fellow party members, notably Trump, who is currently in the lead among Republican primary challengers. This direct comparison between Hogan and Trump will only fuel rumors that the former governor is considering a presidential bid.

As Hogan said earlier this year, “I would never run for president to sell books or position myself for a Cabinet seat.” So, he didn’t enter the Republican contest. However, he has not ruled out a third-party run in 2024 and has said as much.

Using news reports of a speech Trump purportedly made, in which he called South Koreans “awful people,” the commercial directly compares Hogan to the previous president. A video of Hogan saying, “I will join my Korean friends in commemorating the last 70 years of partnership and not overlook the storm clouds on the horizon,” is then shown.

Hogan’s open criticism of Trump has fueled rumors that he may run for president as a third-party candidate. Potential No Labels candidates have included Hogan and Republican West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. However, no prospective candidates have been given any indication that they have an easy road to the nomination for president and vice president in the new party. All of that will be settled in April at the party’s convention in Dallas.