Rob Marciano Fired From ABC Due to Alleged ‘Anger Issues’ After Divorce

Veteran ABC News weatherman Rob Marciano is faced with a sad goodbye to what seemed to be a very promising broadcast career after it was ultimately decided to fire as well as ban the longtime weather professional from the Good Morning America studio after incidents related to anger issues occurred at work due to Marciano’s previous divorce from his ex-wife Eryn Marciano. It has been reported that Marciano was fired after a two-year hiatus following his anger-related outbursts in the past on set.

Rob Marciano has been ABC News’s senior meteorologist since July 2014, with the weather professional later joining the Good Morning America weekend show, while covering major weather headlines across all ABC platforms throughout the week. Marciano appeared on the show for almost ten years until the meteorologist seemingly vanished from the platform in March 2022, while then currently going through a divorce with his wife.

At the time, Marciano was reportedly banned from the GMA studio after he had gone through an incident with a female co-worker on set and had multiple colleagues feel extremely uncomfortable around him afterward. It seemed Marciano had let the stresses and anger of his failing marriage get the best of him, causing an outburst that was witnessed by his fellow employees. Sources have told the press that Marciano was “very cranky and angry” at the time.

Following the incident, Marciano was suspended from the ABC News company for a month but was banned specifically from the GMA studio indefinitely, by the choice of GMA executive producer Simone Swink. Swink stated that Marciano’s issues behind closed doors had become a distraction to him on set. After a month’s suspension, Marciano was transferred to report from ABC’s World News Tonight, which reports live from the field to a different studio.

Marciano’s wife had filed for divorce in June 2021, which elongated into 2022. Marciano stated that the last few years have been difficult.