Protestors Leave ‘Bloody’ Graffiti On White House

Thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators descended on Washington DC over the weekend, marching on the White House, defacing various sculptures, and tying Palestinian flags around a statue of Benjamin Franklin.

There is still evidence of the blood-red paint pro-Hamas demonstrators used to accuse President Joe Biden of “genocide” for supporting Israel’s defensive attack on Hamas-controlled Gaza, as evidenced by photos and videos released by reporters on Monday.

Some demonstrators were heard yelling “F— Joe Biden” outside the White House as a response to President Biden’s continuous backing of Israel in the country’s fight against Hamas.

After Israel invaded Gaza, which has caused what some are calling a humanitarian crisis in the Hamas-controlled area, some protesters could be heard chanting in favor of a cease-fire. The words “Allahu Akbar” were being chanted by some of the multitudes.

The Metropolitan Police Department of Washington reported making only one arrest despite the enormous crowds and several acts of destruction throughout the events.

In Lafayette Square, opposite the White House, pro-Hamas graffiti remains visible on sculptures. After police killed George Floyd during his detention in 2020, Black Lives Matter protesters attempted to storm the White House in late May and early June.

ABC News correspondent Mary Bruce labeled the violent anti-Semitic activities as “passionate protests” and shared images of the entrances. “These,” she claimed, “are the White House gates this morning after a weekend of passionate demonstrations.”

There have been no efforts to repair or conceal the White House’s destruction as of Monday morning.
Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland is responsible for protecting and preserving the White House grounds and Lafayette Park.

On Sunday, a video by Armstrong Williams went viral, showing an outraged American in Lafayette Square protesting the presence of a Palestinian flag on a monument.

The Palestinian flag was flown atop the statue on Saturday night and Sunday, with the blessing of the Biden administration.