NYC Mayor Leads Coalition Aiming To Ban Assault Weapons

Mayor Eric Adams is joining a group of 62 mayors throughout the nation in pressing US House Speaker Mike Johnson to establish a ban on assault weapons in reaction to the recent mass killing in Maine.

On Thursday, Adams gave a press conference in which he cited the recent tragedy in Lewiston, in which 18 people lost their lives, as a rationale for the federal government to reinstate its earlier assault weapons prohibition, which had expired in 2004.

According to Adams, when the federal ban on assault weapons and large-capacity magazines was in place, the number of people killed in mass shootings dropped by 70%.

It’s simpler to acquire a gun than a bottle of Sudafed, according to the mayor of New York City. The mayor also voiced worry about the widespread occurrence of mass shootings, which have caused widespread panic in public spaces.

The mayor says this is quite problematic – when persons with mental health issues are allowed to own assault guns, it poses a severe threat to society, especially in highly crowded cities like New York City, which is home to 8.3 million people.

In the end, the letter submitted to Johnson’s office stresses the role that assault rifles had in several recent mass shootings around the country.

Eight of the ten deadliest mass shootings that have occurred since 2015 featured an assault weapon, as stated in the letter.

Highland Park, Illinois, Mayor Nancy Rotering worries that people everywhere live in dread because the Second Amendment is untouchable.

Seven people were killed, and 48 others were injured in a shooting during a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park last year.

It is way past time for Congress to take action. She advocated for a ban on assault weapons akin to the one on machine guns that was enacted decades ago. Being subjected to constant fear of mass murder is not independence.