Hunter Accused Of Pulling ‘Drug Card’ During Testimony

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer told a media outlet that the probe into the Bidens would continue until Americans have the answers regarding Hunter Biden’s closed-door appearance last month.  People want to know what the Bidens did for a living that allowed them to accumulate over $30 million.

Comer adamantly said on Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt Tonight that the people want the truth. He rebuked his Democrat colleagues who criticized the probe as meaningless.

According to Comer, they have been extracting the truth with incredible difficulty. He has compiled a mountain of evidence suggesting pay-for-play schemes. The committee battled against Biden’s legal team, so the White House became their enemy.

Their $30 million payout came from our global foes, but we have no idea what they sold.

According to Comer, Hunter Biden made extensive use of the ‘drug card’ during his testimony. However, he refused to discuss the details of Biden’s testimony, citing the regulations of the deposition, until the official transcript was available.

According to the US Department of Justice (DOJ), Hunter Biden was accused of providing false information on a federal form before purchasing a handgun in October 2018. At the same time, photographs of cocaine and other illicit drugs were found on Biden’s personal phone.  Prosecutors claim that Hunter Biden wrote drug-related texts and photos between April and December of 2018.  The DOJ released these photographs and communications in a ten-page court file.

The papers show that Biden admitted to being an addict in late-2018 texts, writing that he would ‘f*ing get sober when he wants to f*ing get sober’ in December.  But Hunter Biden said in his federal investigation that he wasn’t addicted to drugs when he bought the gun in October 2018.

The reports also show Hunter Biden threatened a drug dealer with his links to the notorious Bulger family to collect drugs for a $1,200 order he placed in 2019 when he was seeking drug addiction treatment in Massachusetts.  Hunter videotaped himself smoking crack. A week before that event, he threatened the drug dealer.

After hearing nothing back, he sent Hunter’s contact information to Jim Bulger, the nephew of the late South Boston gangster James Whitey Bulger.  No evidence has ever pointed to Jim (60) being involved in or suspected of unlawful behavior.