GOP Claims Confirmation Of Whistleblower Testimony

On Monday, Republicans on the House Oversight Committee claimed that testimony from a whistleblower who claimed to have witnessed political interference by the Biden administration into the IRS investigation of Hunter Biden was corroborated by the former FBI agent who supervised that investigation.

Committee Chair Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., revealed today that crucial parts of the IRS whistleblower’s testimony were corroborated by a former special agent for the FBI who worked in the Wilmington FBI office on the Biden investigation.

Hunter Biden’s interview was reportedly leaked to the Secret Service headquarters and the Biden transition team the night before it was set to take place. Federal investigators were told to wait for Hunter Biden to call before approaching him during the questioning. Comer indicated that the plan change prevented the IRS and FBI criminal investigators from interviewing Hunter Biden.

He said that the Department of Justice’s attempts to protect the Bidens were evidence of a double standard in the legal system. He assured the public that the committee would keep digging until they found the needed information.

The panel heard testimony from Gary Shapley, the IRS whistleblower, and an unnamed whistleblower who accused the DOJ of meddling in the inquiry.

The evidence is given as part of the committee’s probe into the Bidens’ business transactions.

According to the whistleblowers, the case’s decisions looked to be influenced by politics. They said federal prosecutors hampered the inquiry and that U.S. Attorney David Weiss did not have full power to pursue charges because he was not the U.S. attorney in order.

To determine whether the Biden family’s domestic and international business dealings compromise U.S. national security and President Biden’s ability to lead impartially, the Committee on Oversight and Accountability has made rapid progress since Comer took the gavel in January, he said last week. 

House Republicans are obtaining transcripted interviews with many government officials, including the U.S. attorney leading the Hunter Biden probe. These discussions will focus on the investigation into the president’s son and claims of wrongdoing and partisanship coverups inside their respective agencies.