Father Gets Instant Revenge On Would-Be Kidnapper

On Thursday, in broad daylight, a father from Florida fearlessly fought off a stranger who tried to kidnap his little child at a Miami Beach drugstore. The terrifying footage was captured on surveillance cameras.

The 4-year-old youngster and his parents were leaving the CVS on Collins Avenue when the suspect, Nicolas Sternaman, entered at around 11:55 a.m.

Sternaman, 26, stooped down and reportedly took hold of the boy’s neck as his mother went out the door. Store security footage acquired by the newspaper revealed that the vigilant father swiftly seized Sternaman as the mother rescued her child from the suspected kidnapper.

As Sternaman and the boy’s father grappled for a few seconds, the father eventually yanked off the creep’s black jacket.

While the father pounded the intruder into the store’s glass door, the boy’s mother hoisted her child into her arms.

Sternaman went out the door as a mob of onlookers gathered around the father, who seemed to exchange words with him before drawing back his arm, fist closed.

The suddenness of the incident took everyone aback. Zachary Jefferson, a witness, told CBS Miami that the man appeared out of nowhere.

The father of the youngster and another customer pursued Sternaman as he fled the business.

Three blocks away from the business, Sternaman was detained by Miami Beach police.

According to documents, Sternaman was facing charges of violence, aggravated assault, and kidnapping of a minor under the age of thirteen.

According to the police complaint, the boy was terrified and refused to release his mother’s grasp.

He is incarcerated in the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Community.

On Sunday, a judge ruled that Sternaman could not post bail and also barred him from having any contact with the victim.

Court records show that Sternaman was arrested in early January on a petty theft allegation.