Donald Trump’s Biggest Lawsuit Has Yet To Commence

In 2024, former president Donald Trump may lose over 100 Electoral College votes due to an appeal challenging his eligibility to be president.

Critics contend that Trump should not be eligible to appear on states’ primary ballots due to an alleged involvement in the riot that occurred at the United States Capitol building on January 6, 2021. As a result, many challenges have been filed challenging his ability to appear on the ballot. Those who want Trump removed from the 2020 election because his claims about the election’s alleged theft via massive voter fraud are unfounded and violate Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

On the other hand, Trump claims these lawsuits are an effort to block his presidential reelection.

No one may serve in public office if they have a history of ” engaging in insurrection or rebellion” after swearing to “defend the Constitution of the United States,” according to the 14th Amendment. No one has been convicted of insurrection following the riots.

In the run-up to the November election, failed Republican presidential candidate John Anthony Castro has filed a challenge that may have Trump’s name removed from the ballots in many states.

The 9th Circuit of Appeals is mainly made up of judges selected by Democrats.

On Tuesday, Castro said that Trump would have difficulty obtaining the necessary electoral votes to win the presidency if he lost ballot access in several states.

To win the general election, Trump needs 270 electoral college votes, and if he loses in the 9th Circuit, he loses the ability to cast ballots over the whole western coast, according to Castro.

He said his appeal record is solid, and the fact that he was on the ballot and that the court took note of the state’s campaign activity and yard signs makes this the most robust factual case.

Eleven states—Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington—and 106 electoral votes comprise the 9th Circuit of Appeals.

If Trump is excluded from these states’ votes, he must secure victory in every other battleground state, including Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia (all states that Biden won in 2020) to escape defeat.