Dems Respond After Comer Accuses Them Of Witness Intimidation

House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chair James Comer (R-Ky.) has faced criticism from Democrats after accusing them of witness intimidation during a closed-door deposition. Comer charged in an interview with Newsmax that Democrats had been aggressive towards witness Tony Bobulinski, who was being questioned as part of the GOP-led impeachment inquiry into President Biden.

According to Comer, several Democrats, including Jamie Raskin, Goldman, Garcia, and Crockett, were involved in the alleged intimidation, wagging their fingers, pointing, and calling Bobulinski a liar. Comer praised Bobulinski as an “American hero” and condemned the Democrats’ behavior as shameful.

The Democrats mentioned by Comer have vehemently denied the accusation and have called on him to release video footage or transcripts from the deposition to support his claim. Comer’s spokesperson referred to his earlier statement, where he described the Democrats’ behavior as shameful and promised to release the transcript soon.

The response from House Oversight Democrats on social media was swift, demanding that Comer release the tape. Rep. Dan Goldman challenged Comer to release the video, stating that the evidence matters, not baseless allegations. Rep. Robert Garcia and Rep. Jasmine Crockett called Comer to release the transcript, holding him responsible for inviting a questionable witness.

House Oversight Committee ranking member Jamie Raskin had asked Comer to provide corroboration for Bobulinski’s claims with testimony from other Trump administration and campaign officials before the deposition. Raskin highlighted the refuted allegations made by Bobulinski about President Biden and the 2020 presidential election, raising concerns about his credibility.

Following the testimony, Raskin stated that the deposition unfolded as expected. He dismissed Bobulinski’s allegations as recycled from Trump’s 2020 campaign and reiterated that no evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden had been provided.

In conclusion, the closed-door deposition involving Tony Bobulinski has sparked controversy, with Democrats denying allegations of witness intimidation and demanding evidence to support the claim. The deposition proceeded as expected, according to House Oversight Committee ranking member Jamie Raskin, with no evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden presented. The conflicting accounts and ongoing debate highlight the partisan nature of the impeachment inquiry.