Dem Lawmaker Slams New Speaker’s Lack Of Experience

Representative Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) blasted House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) for his vote in favor of giving Israel $14 billion in aid. Sherrill argued that Johnson’s plan to pay for the aid package with changes to the money earmarked for strengthening the Internal Revenue Service showed his lack of understanding of how Congress works.

According to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office claims that doing so would raise the deficit by preventing billions in tax revenue from being collected. Instead, Democrats back the president’s $106 billion request, which includes border security and aid to Israel and Ukraine.

Mitchell continued, noting that the Senate did not pass today’s standalone bill. She asked if anyone was being denied aid because of this. She inquired if he thought the Senate would reinstate Ukraine, forcing the House to vote on a compromise package.

Sherrill said they are keeping a tight eye on everything right now. However, this demonstrates the speaker’s lack of experience and inadequate comprehension of the inner workings of Congress. He said it’s perplexing that his proposed solution to the budget shortfall will increase it by $12 billion.

He said, what’s more, he is failing to recognize that Israel’s adversaries are Ukraine’s enemies. Putin has held talks with Hamas. Iran presently possesses drones in Ukraine, which they have delivered to Russia. This is all a part of a larger struggle for democratic values on a worldwide scale.

Sherrill said the failure to put civilian safety first during insurgent operations is also evident. He noted that the generals in Iraq and Afghanistan were too preoccupied with appeasing the populace by giving them access to government resources—food and water distribution strategies. Thus, the humanitarian aid component of this package is also essential.

Joe Biden has announced that he will veto any aid package to Israel that includes financing for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).