Comer Accuses Biden Of Disguising Transactions

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer on Wednesday announced a new round of subpoenas targeting Biden family members, including Hunter Biden and the president’s brother James, ABC News reported.

In an appearance on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” last weekend, Comer revealed that the committee would be issuing subpoenas for Biden family members, telling host Maria Bartiromo that there is evidence of laundering money disguised as loan repayments.

The Oversight Committee is also requesting interviews with other Biden family members, including Hunter’s wife Melissa Cohen, Beau Biden’s widow Hallie, and James Biden’s wife Sara. The committee also seeks interviews with former business associate Tony Bobulinski and Hallie Biden’s older sister Elizabeth Secundy.

Comer said in a statement that the committee “followed the money” and compiled a “record of evidence” that shows that the president knew of, participated in, and “benefited from his family’s influence-peddling schemes.” The next step, Comer explained, is to bring Biden family members and associates before the committee “to question them on this record of evidence.”

Hunter Biden’s attorney Abbe Lowell blasted the subpoenas in a statement, describing the move as “yet another political stunt” to distract from Comer’s failure to “prove a single one of their wild and now discredited conspiracies.”

Lowell added that Hunter “is eager” to speak to the committee “in a public forum and at the right time.”

James Biden’s attorney Paul Fishman said the committee had “no justification” for subpoenaing his client. He insisted that his client “never involved” Joe Biden “in his business dealings.”

The White House responded to the news by accusing the House Republicans of abusing their power to engage in a smear campaign against President Biden and members of his family. The White House claimed that the House GOP is “throwing spaghetti” against the wall now that they have failed to find any evidence supporting their allegations.