Chilling New Details of Ex-Husband Emerge in Las Vegas Law Firm Shooting Case

The Page family is shining new light on a tragedy, stating that the incident may have been prevented when an ex-wife’s ex-father-in-law shot and killed her and her renowned Las Vegas attorney husband last week.

At his legal office in Las Vegas, Ashley Prince, 30, was being represented by her new husband, Dennis Prince, 57, when gunfire erupted during a deposition for child custody.

The Page family (Ashley’s family) did not address the April 8 shooting at the Prince Law Firm until Monday’s news conference.

Joe Houston II, 77, opened fire during a child custody court that morning, killing Ashley and Dennis before turning the pistol on himself. Joe Houston’s son Dylan and his ex-wife Ashley Prince were in a custody battle. Houston, himself an attorney, was present at the court.

A two-year-long custody dispute between Ashley Prince and Dylan Houston’s small children was at the heart of the deposition. It was at around 10 a.m. when the hearing got underway. As early as 10:04 a.m., the rush to dial 911 began.

The Pages exposed Dylan’s pattern of verbal abuse and death threats directed against Ashley, which included as many as 70 texts each day.

According to some of the family’s collected text conversations, Dylan allegedly told Ashley he’d chisel her down to a weaker and worthless sack of bones. He said the kids were better off without her, and he didn’t want to see her unless she was in a casket.

Ashley’s parents said she got a restraining order against Dylan to be safe.

After the incident, Ashley’s sister moved temporarily to take custody of her two children with Dylan.

The Pages also said that they are committed to obtaining full custody of their grandkids to protect their future and are collaborating with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s investigation.

Tuesday, Dennis’s funeral was held. The Prince family has asked that, instead of flowers, donations be sent to the Southern Nevada Association of Women Attorneys or The Shade Tree, a group that helps victims of domestic abuse.