Biden Makes Light Of Repeated Falls During Presidency

After seeing someone fall during his Thursday speech, President Biden joked to the press about how he frequently stumbles.

President Biden spoke on a preliminary labor settlement in Belvidere, Illinois, to avert the closure of a facility in the city during the nationwide United Auto Workers’ strike. Someone in the audience seemed to lose their footing as he was speaking.

President Biden waited for a moment to see whether the person needed help.

The president asked if the person was alright. He paused and then said he wanted the media to know that he didn’t fall.

The audience then laughed and cheered as Biden walked around the stage shakily. Following a brief lull in the cheering, the president resumed his remarks.

Biden was alluding to the virality of many videos of his public slips and falls.

At the June U.S. Air Force Academy graduation ceremony, Biden suddenly fell to the floor. Seemingly, he fell due to tripping over a sandbag. The president, who is 80 years old, was attended to by three Secret Service officials who raced to his side.

In October, the president stumbled on the way to the stage before making a speech on his economic strategy.

On a bike ride with First Lady Jill Biden in Delaware in June 2022, Biden fell over like a tree. He appeared to be upbeat about it and stated he was OK. The White House reported that President Biden’s foot got caught in a pedal as he was dismounting but that he was otherwise well and in no need of medical assistance.

In the run-up to the presidential race in 2024, people are becoming increasingly concerned about Biden’s age because of his frequent falls. If elected, Biden’s second term would finish when he is 86.

The campaign is outfitting Biden with sneakers or gum-soled shoes to prevent frequent falls.