80% Of Americans Affected By This Contaminant

For the last decade, the United States has been engaged in a sharp, increasingly polarized and divisive cultural war. The cultural condition of the nation is like a teenager searching for identity; confused, volatile, and uncertain. While the president of the United States Joe Biden remains weak and incompetent, progressives on the far left continue to attempt to destroy and revise traditional American culture. Historical monuments across the country, which were vandalized. During a time in which progressives continue to claim that “racism” and “oppression” are still widespread in the U.S., investigators in Indiana discovered a fraudulent scheme carried out by several African American employees at a Hardees restaurant. Officials in the prison system of the state had realized something was awry when prisoners began to post bond after receiving monetary funds via an inmate communication system within the LaPorte County Jail. Captain Andrew Hynek of the LaPorte County Sherriff’s office was made aware of the fraudulent activity; Hynek claimed several inmates had bonded out of jail after they received large amounts of funds in personal accounts called Securus (inmate communication system) accounts.

Allegedly, these funds were discovered to be garnered through stolen credit and debit cards. The activity was traced back to the Hardees restaurant, where employees were secretly taking photos of customers credit and debit cards before returning them after they were used to pay for meals at the fast food establishment. Saving the information, they were then used to transfer funds into the accounts of inmates who had low bonds. Effectively, the money was laundered through the existing system set up by the prison. In total, some $14,700 was illegally charged through the efforts of employees.

In a recent report, 4 out of every 5 Americans have allegedly been exposed to contaminants in popular cereal brands. A chemical known as chlormequat which is linked to reduced fertility, fetal growth and puberty delays has been uncovered in cereals.