Why Isn’t the Trump Family Bailing Him Out?

Could the former president’s daughters, Ivanka and Jared Kushner, possibly help post a $464 million bond for a civil fraud lawsuit before the deadline approaches?

On Monday, March 25, the state will confiscate and sell off Donald Trump’s local real estate holdings unless he gets the money to pay off the New York debt or a bond from a private firm.

Donald Trump’s legal team voiced their concerns earlier this week, concerned about their client’s difficulties obtaining the necessary finances. Nevertheless, according to ethics records, Ivanka Trump and Kushner supposedly have a net worth of over $1 billion from their real estate holdings and various assets. No one knows how much cash the couple has.

In 2017 financial filings, Kushner and Ivanka Trump made $740 million from their real estate and investment firm. The entrepreneur put her net worth at $55 million in her 2018 filing.

The couple’s decision not to back the former president is puzzling.

Assets considered liquid may be quickly and readily turned into cash without suffering a decline in value. Donald Trump’s capacity to swiftly acquire the capital required to service a substantial bond is constrained because his financial condition primarily depends on his real estate holdings. The recent acquisition of a $30 million Miami home by Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner in December 2020 demonstrates that a substantial amount of their money is also probably held in immutable assets like real estate.

The legal team representing former president Donald Trump has not commented on reports that their client intends to liquidate his assets or ask for help from relatives.

In an effort to get loans and strike agreements, Trump inflated the worth of his assets and buildings in his financial accounts, according to the verdict in his bank fraud case.

The prospective Republican presidential contender for 2024 has declared that he was politically targeted unfairly. While New York City was being revitalized, his real estate firm was instrumental, according to Donald Trump. Prosecutors, he claims, are unfairly trying to take his property empire.