Biden Says Military Couldn’t Retrieve Uncle’s Remains in WW2 Due to ‘Cannibalism’

Current President Joe Biden made two statements this week in which he said that the abundance of cannibals in the area prevented the United States government from recovering his uncle Ambrose Finnegan’s remains after his aircraft crash in New Guinea in WWII.

During his speech at the United Steelworkers HQ in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Biden claimed that his uncle Ambrose (“Bosie”) had been a pilot for the Army Air Corps, doing reconnaissance missions over combat zones in a single-engine aircraft.  Because of the high concentration of cannibals in New Guinea, his remains were never located after he was shot down over the island.  Earlier in the day, Biden shared the lie before leaving Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency states that Finnegan’s A-20 Havoc, which was on a courier flight to New Guinea,  was ditched in the sea off the island for undetermined reasons.  It contradicts Biden’s version of his uncle’s death and possible cannibalization.

According to the DPAA data, there was cannibalism in New Guinea in the middle of the twentieth century. However, Joe’s uncle Bosie and the other men were killed at sea. The next day, an aerial search was conducted, but neither the plane nor its crew could be located. According to the details, only one crew member survived the crash and was rescued.

White House officials would not elaborate on Biden’s assertion that cannibals thwarted efforts to retrieve Uncle Bosie.

Reports show Biden criticized former president Trump in a part of his speech for allegedly disparaging US military personnel dead in war and refusing to attend a ceremony honoring veterans, according to a biased 2020 report. Since the story is false, Trump has refuted it. But Biden uses the fabricated tale at every chance.

According to a report, the alleged comment was published in the Atlantic magazine with only unnamed accusers who never came forward to own their bold accusations.

The verified persons and statements of the people on that trip said the memorial visit was canceled because of inclement weather. They also noted that then-President Trump never made those comments about fallen soldiers.