Rachel Maddow Says Trump Looked ‘Old, Tired, Mad’ in Courtroom

It seems as though the ongoing fraud case of Donald J. Trump has taken its physical and mental toll on the former president. MSNBC host Rachel Maddow gave audiences a detailed description from her point-of-view of the Manhattan courtroom setting, and her take on Trump’s physical appearance inside. Maddow reported that Donald Trump appeared “old and tired and mad” while sitting through his trial which seems to have no end close in sight.

Maddow told MSNBC that she has seen the former president on multiple occasions in her life, this trial being one of them. The MSNBC talk show host explained that she had been close enough to get a good view of Trump during trial recesses and him passing her by down the aisles of the courtroom. Maddow stated that the former 45th president appeared to be thinner and older than he had seemed in the past.

Maddow’s examinations seem to indicate that the stress and length of the trial have left wear and tear on the aging 2024 presidential candidate, who will be 78 this June. “He seems annoyed, resigned, maybe angry. He seems like a man who is miserable to be here” Maddow reported.

Rachel Maddow claims that she is honored to have the privilege of covering something as historic as this trial, but did not shy away from the truth of courtroom setting. Maddow assured viewers that the rumors of the courtroom were true, calling it, dingy. “What you have heard about it being kind of a dingy courtroom is real” Maddow told MSNBC. The talk show host described the atmosphere inside as an intense one, with lots of police presence, calling it a very “sober atmosphere”.

Maddow went on to let viewers know that the low-quality setting would not affect the process of the trial, but that it was interesting to see a man of such wealth and luxury as Trump enter a humble setting.