Shea Bradley-Farrell Says Jill Biden’s Initiative On Women’s Health a ‘Deception’

According to Shea Bradley-Farrell, the fact that First Lady Jill Biden has a new project to improve women’s health research ought to be important to every single woman in the United States. The project comes from the same government that incorporates transgender rights into every single women’s program and works tirelessly to persuade that abortion is on par with healthcare.

The White House project on Women’s Health Research unveiled in North Carolina is a lie. This is because every women’s policy or project that their government proposes encourages transgenderism, which is a form of disdain and degradation of actual women.

As severe instances of sexism, Biden’s transgender policies have been denounced by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women.

Some of these policies include the State Department’s Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Policy, the White House Gender Policy Council, and Biden’s recognition of a biological male as an International Women of Courage Award laureate.

According to Shea Bradley-Farrell, Jill Biden’s assertion that former President Donald Trump poses a threat to women is unfounded. Hundreds of women were promoted to senior leadership positions during Trump’s administration. The W-GDP initiative was created to help women’s businesses grow globally.  Under Trump, the US became the first country to have a broad law and strategy on Women, Peace, and Security (WPS).

One of Joe Biden’s first executive orders authorized biological males identifying as women to utilize female locker rooms and restrooms and participate on female sports teams.

The historical record reveals that Democrats have long persecuted women’s rights, beginning in the early 1900s when President Woodrow Wilson forbade women the right to vote. In 1878, Republicans brought the 19th Amendment to the Senate, but the Democrat-controlled chamber voted it down four times.

Protesting Wilson’s duplicity, female suffragists like Republican Alice Paul were imprisoned and sent to workhouses when they picketed the White House.

The Equal Suffrage Amendment was ratified in 1919, when Republicans re-took control of Congress, granting women the right to vote in 1920.

Early feminists strongly condemned abortion, arguing it was the ultimate exploitation of women.  In the 1960s, propagandists tied abortion to the women’s movement, which eventually became a symbol of women’s empowerment.  Until then, the movement focused on issues like workplace equality.

Bradley-Farrell believes that women are treated as an afterthought by the administration.