Steve Bannon Wanted Fox News Host To Run For Senate 

( )- After Donald Trump’s loss in 2020, Stephen Bannon comforted Fox News presenter Maria Bartiromo by suggesting she run for Democrat Chuck Schumer’s Senate seat in New York. 

According to a report, Bartiromo wrote to Bannon on November 10, 2020, and said that she saw the world change, which made her so sad.  She wanted the fraud to be found out.  

Steve Bannon responded that 71 million people would never accept Biden, and the plan was to end his administration before it even started, if possible.    

Bartiromo told Bannon that she was upset about Donald Trump’s loss and that she was very un-nerved. 

Bannon told her she was a fighter and to stop being upset.   

He then explained to Bartiromo that the patriotic movement he was part of wanted the TV host to run for Senate in 2022 against Schumer.    

In the end, Bartiromo did not decide to run for office. 

The messages between Bannon and Bartiromo were publicly disclosed as part of a $1.6 billion defamation claim against Fox News by Dominion Voting Systems for its coverage after the election.  

Maria Bartiromo and Tucker Carlson were among the handful of people on Fox who touched on the reports of election fraud.  Most of Fox News didn’t acknowledge it. 

A report shows that in response, Fox has filed a counterclaim saying Dominion Voting Systems was trying to quash freedom of the press and speech. 

During the investigation, it was found that many Dominion employees had sent damaging emails that showed major problems with the company’s equipment. 

Mark Beckstrand, in charge of sales admitted that the Dominion framework in Michigan had been hacked and that there was good evidence of security problems with Dominion systems in other states. 

In 2019, Eric Coomer,  Dominion’s director of security, disparaged the company’s products.  Coomer also said their machines in 2020 were full of glitches and errors.