Ship Involved With Bridge Collapse Had Issues In The Past

The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, is not the only object that The Dali cargo vessel distorted.

The cargo ship, which was  Singapore-flagged, destroyed a bridge and essentially shut down the 2nd highest-used port in the mid-US Atlantic on March 26th.

An accident occurred at a port in Belgium before that.

While preparing to leave the Port of Antwerp, the huge cargo ship Dali collided with the berth. The collision was triggered by an error made by the captain and pilot aboard the ship. The event occurred under favorable weather conditions.

The 984-foot vessel, the Dali, was involved in an accident on July 11, 2016, while unmooring from the Port of Antwerp. It was held by Grace Ocean Private Ltd. and was operated by the DEI-bound Synergy Marine Group. The ship’s stern and transom took a major beating as a consequence.

Reports showed that the ship was still afloat, although it had sustained breaches close to the waterline and was severely damaged at its berth, necessitating repairs.

The same ship failed to depart from Baltimore Harbor shortly after one o’clock on Tuesday morning. According to Maryland Gov. Wes Moore, the boat lost power while going at a very high pace. The pilots notified authorities that they couldn’t halt the ship.

A short time later, the FBI’s Baltimore field office said there was no concrete evidence linking the incident to terrorism. The Baltimore police commissioner, Richard Worley, reportedly said there is zero proof that the Dali deliberately slammed into the bridge. The pilots reported a loss of propulsion while departing from the port. At 1:28 a.m., the cargo ship slammed into a pier supporting the Francis Scott Key Bridge. In an instant, the 1.6-mile-long bridge crossing the Patapsco River gave way.

On April 1st, the cargo ship’s Singaporean owner took measures to reduce its legal responsibility.

When the bridge gave way, there were two fatalities and two injuries among construction workers. Another four other people are believed to be dead, and crews are scouring the area for their remains. The corpses of four fatalities have not been found yet, but a salvage effort is now ongoing to retrieve them.