Russia Preparing to Mobilize 300,000 Troops by Summer, Warns Zelensky

Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, has said that Russia is making preparations to deploy another 300,000 soldiers to the battlefront in Ukraine at the beginning of June.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin approved a standard spring conscription campaign into operation that called up 150,000 civilians for military duty.

In the past, when the Kremlin tried to attract more Russians to fight Ukraine, the people reacted negatively. Those who might have been recruited left the country in protest after a partial mobilization attempt in the autumn of 2022 triggered large-scale demonstrations.

Despite suffering heavy casualties in the invasion, Moscow has maintained the initiative in the more than two-year battle with Kyiv. December estimates from U.S. intelligence put the Kremlin casualties at over 315,000 since the war began. The conflict has also inflicted tremendous casualties on Ukraine.

Reducing the age at which males are eligible to be drafted from 27 to 25 is another measure Kyiv enacted in early April to increase military recruiting.

Under the martial law that was proclaimed following the Russian invasion over two years ago, the majority of males in Ukraine are prohibited from leaving the nation.

More than 25,000 men have fled, often in the wee hours of the morning or with the assistance of a smuggler, even though most men in this age bracket are not allowed to leave, according to authorities from four countries that share a border with Ukraine.

Zelensky addressed reporters and said that the exact number of Ukrainian forces that would be mobilized this year remains uncertain.

In his nightly video message on April 3rd, Zelensky emphasized that Ukraine fully comprehends Russia’s desire to recruit more troops. He stressed that May and June could serve as a period of action for the benefit of Ukraine and the attainment of their military objectives.

According to Zelensky, all of Russia’s intentions, plans, and upcoming military drafts are clearly evident. Additionally, in reaction to any Russian actions, Ukraine and its allies must respond strongly, and Ukraine must win the war.