RFK Jr.’s Sister Issues Warning To Dems

Democrats have taken a firm stand against Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his planned run for president as an independent. The former party, comrade has announced his veep choice— Nicole Shanahan, a software entrepreneur and attorney.

The DNC’s main concern is that this pair would derail President Joe Biden’s reelection and give former President Donald Trump an advantage. They view Kennedy’s run as a “spoiler” ticket.

Many party surrogates harshly slam Kennedy’s presidential candidacy, calling it repulsive and an effort to help Trump win reelection.

On Monday, Kennedy’s sister Rory expressed her worries about how her brother’s campaign may affect President Biden’s re-election chances.

On CNN, Erin Burnett briefed Rory Kennedy about a survey in the pivotal state of Michigan. According to the survey, more than half of respondents had a negative impression of both Trump and Biden. There seems to be a sense of weariness among voters regarding these two candidates.

Most surveys put Kennedy’s support at 70% among Biden supporters and 30% among Trump supporters. This indicates that Kennedy extracted more Biden votes than Trump’s votes.

Rory said a few votes in a handful of states will decide the election, and a lot is at risk.

Many relatives of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have spoken out against him. They claim that he differs from his liberal hero father, Bobby Kennedy, in terms of morals, vision, and judgment.

Kennedy is working tirelessly to ensure that every state has access to the ballot. Sending out volunteers to gather thousands of signatures is expensive and time-consuming. There was speculation that Kennedy may have approached Shanahan about becoming his running partner, intending to use her wealth to pay the exorbitant ballot access costs in each state.

Shanahan, a substantial supporter of a pro-Kennedy Super PAC, gave a large portion of the $7 million budget for an advertisement that ran during this year’s Super Bowl.

Just this past Wednesday, Trump endorsed Kennedy’s campaign, saying that MAGA would benefit from her presence in the race.