Retired Vet Found Dead at Home After Dog Attack, Investigation Underway

The remains of a 77-year-old former veterinarian were discovered in his yard after an attack by a group of canines. A pack of dogs, including the victim’s black Russian terrier, caught up in the frenzy, assaulted him, according to the Warwickshire Police.

The assault on Antony Harrington in Little Packington, Warwickshire, was led primarily by a group of giant Bernese mountain dogs.

The father-of-three was pronounced dead after suffering a cardiac arrest.

According to accounts, the assault was quite brutal, and Harrington’s clothing was strewn all over the garden.

According to sources, Mr. Harrington ‘always liked animals. ‘ One person informed reporters that a friend who lived with him at the time was the owner of the other six dogs taken by the police.

Before they retired, he and his late wife Louise maintained a veterinary clinic in Birmingham since 1980.

Detectives are still attempting to determine if the bites caused the father-of-three’s death or whether he was attacked after he passed away; it is suspected that he experienced a cardiac collapse during the assault and was pronounced dead at the site.

Antony e assisted in restoring a 1914 traction engine that is still in operation today; he was a fan of steam locomotives. In the months before Mr. Harrington’s burial in March in Coleshill, Warwickshire, the National Traction Engine Trust paid homage to him on social media.

Even though it has been five months since his death on November 25th of last year, why the dogs attacked him is still a mystery.

According to a report last month, the number of dog attacks in the UK increased by a fifth in a year, with over 80 occurrences recorded daily.

From 25,291 in 2022 to 30,539 last year, the number of dog-injury offenses documented by police units increased.

In response to the alarming rise in assaults and deaths caused by XL Bully-type dogs, the government proposed a ban on these vicious canines.