Protestors Try To Block Aid From Shipping To Israel

A report shows protesters supporting Hamas and Antifa have moved their base of operations from college quads to the Port of Tacoma in an effort to prevent a military ship carrying weaponry to Israel.

On Monday, a group of well-organized pro-Hamas demonstrators blocked multiple entrances to the Port of Tacoma in Washington state, where a US Navy ship was docked and rumored to be loading weapons to aid Israel in its fight against Hamas. Protesters shut off access to the port, delaying the loading of the cargo ship Cape Orlando.

According to local news, Wassim Hage of the Arab Resource and Organizing Center said that the group had received information that the ship was in port and that sources told them that there was military cargo to be put on the ship.

Talkshow host Jason Rantz said that Pro-Hamas demonstrators are refusing to allow a Fox News reporter to go to the Port to work with his cameraman, insisting he must answer their questions regarding what he supports.

As is typical of leftist rallies in Washington State, photos were released to local media showing what seemed to be protestors destroying rail lines leading to the port.

The Department of Defense acknowledged to local media that the ship was under the operational direction of the US Navy’s Military Sealift Command and was assisting in the transfer of US military cargo.

People crowded the ship in canoes to prevent it from leaving port.

In an effort to prevent all Port personnel from reporting to work, protesters overtook the Port for the better part of the day and treated it like their own territory.

A report reveals that it took several hours before federal law enforcement arrived, despite the clear national security ramifications of the attempted lockdown of the Port of Tacoma.

The police of Tacoma assisted with traffic management. Although tampering with a port used to be a serious threat to national security, in today’s politically correct Washington, DC, these terrorists will likely go free.