Professor Gets $30M After Boyfriend Spread Salacious Images

A Brooklyn court has ordered a 30 million dollar payout to a NYC college professor, Spring Chenoa Cooper, 43,  who was the victim of her boyfriend’s revenge porn.

Her ex, Ryan Broems, is a comedian who campaigned against her for years.

Cooper says the guy is deadbeat, and he isn’t paying. The significance of the historic conviction, as pointed out by Cooper on Friday, lies in the precedent it sets for victims to follow.

Broems did not appear in court on Friday when the conviction was announced, according to Attorney Cali Madia of Daniel Szalkiewicz & Associates, who represents Cooper.

When Cooper and Broems broke up in 2017, court documents show that he allegedly sent Broems several recordings of himself masturbating on Snapchat and requested personal sexual information. For a year, their relationship was troubled.

Cooper thought her worst nightmare had finally ended once she blocked him.

Nevertheless, a terrifying letter emanating from the Tumblr account Calidaddy26 surfaced. The letter asserted that the sender was aware of the recipient’s identity and threatened to expose her on a revenge porn blog.

That is when people began telling her they saw compromising films and images of her online, along with sensitive information such as her name, occupation, social media accounts, and contact details.

The self-proclaimed comedian persisted in insulting Broems on Twitter, and photos of her nude continued to circulate online even after she had a restraining order against her.

She said new photographs of her were popping up even after Tumblr and other sites were asked to remove them. The images kept floating until April 2018, when she finally took legal action.

Cooper was the first person in New York City to be subject to the revenge porn statute. Victims of online harassment or assault have the right to initiate legal action, seek monetary damages, and have offensive material removed from their accounts. Fines of up to $1,000 and jail time of up to 12 months are possible outcomes of lawbreaking.

In 2021, Broems admitted to a misdemeanor charge of revealing an intimate image, according to court records. As a result, Broems was ordered to serve 26 weeks of community service and enroll in a program specifically designed for survivors of domestic violence.

Broems expressed dissatisfaction with the charges against him and how they have affected his life, mentioning that no one is interested in hiring him.

Who is laughing now?