New FBI Poll Shows Their Headquarters Is The Uggliest In D.C.

( )- What is the ugliest building in all of the United States? We have an answer.

Buildworld, a firm specializing in home improvements, conducted a poll.

According to their survey results, the FBI headquarters in Washington, District of Columbia, is the “ugliest” structure in the United States.

Buildworld assigned a score to buildings throughout the country, including the J. Edgar Hoover Building, by aggregating tweets regarding the buildings’ design and tallying the number of tweets critical of the architecture.

According to WTOP radio, one of several local news stations that made the rating a top story on Monday morning, the FBI headquarters was conceived and built in the late 1960s and early 1970s. WTOP also says, “the disconnected structure with the drab concrete front stands out on Pennsylvania Avenue.” This location is just a few streets from the White House.

The United States Government has admitted that the structure has at least exhausted its usefulness and should be demolished.

As part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act for the fiscal year 2022, Congress gave the General Services Administrator the directive to select a new site “as expeditiously as possible” from one of the three sites that had been previously identified during project planning in 2016: Greenbelt, Maryland; Landover, Maryland; or Springfield, Virginia. These locations are all located in the state of Maryland.

“Buildworld decided to leap into the debate by identifying the most maligned buildings in the world,” the company says about the impetus for the survey, based on the language people were using about them on Twitter. “Buildworld decided to leap into the debate by identifying the most maligned buildings in the world,” the company says.

What is the ugliest building in the world?

According to the results, the Scottish Parliament Building is the ugliest structure on the planet.

In September 2022, the General Services Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced that the process of selecting a location for the new suburban FBI headquarters campus in the National Capital Region began.

Number four on the list is the famed Watergate residential complex.