New Athletic Line Stands Up For Women In Sports

Since president Joe Biden entered the oval office in January of 2021, disaster after disaster has occurred for the United States at the domestic and international levels of governance. Rampant inflation has crippled the nations working class, resulting in stagnant wages and the widespread decline of the buying power of the American dollar. 60% of the nation is estimated to be living from paycheck to paycheck. Millions of illegal immigrants have crossed the southern border with Mexico. The middle class continues to shrink, and in a very alarmingly study, the average prices of housing have soared to such an extent that ownership has been deemed unaffordable in a sizeable majority of the country for average income families.

Internationally, Biden has appeared even more incompetent.  In the summer of 2021, the president orchestrated a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, and 13 American servicemembers died in the actions. Millions of dollars in military supplies were abandoned and likely fell into the hands of the Taliban and other affiliated and related terrorist Islamist groups. Now, Hamas invaded Israel in 2023 and murdered over 1,000 innocent civilians. Biden has come under fire for unfreezing billions of dollars that had previously been seized from Iran.

Domestically, Biden and progressives have waged an effective culture war, continuing progressivist agendas to complete dismantle traditional social, familial and gender roles and values in American society. Democrats have promoted radical new public school curriculums in several states that promote “gender ideologies” and LGBTQ theories for increasingly young children. Additionally, progressives have advocated for transgender athletes to be allowed to play in biological sporting events in which they are the opposite gender. What has resulted has been an influx of biological men who have dominated women’s sporting events under the guise that they are transgender. Most corporations have gone along with this insanity, but recently the ex-President of Levi’s decided to launch a new brand dedicated to defending traditional women’s sports.