Multiple Killed After Semi Truck Crashes Into Student Bus

As the fall season rapidly approaches its end and the Thanksgiving holiday nears ever closer, Americans across the nation are likely craving turkey, stuffing, cranberries, and looking forward to the quality time that they will be spending with family, friends and loved ones this season. Indeed, while two major conflicts in Europe and the Middle East rage on, millions of illegals enter the nation through the southern border, and the domestic economy continues to struggle under the effects of inflation, people are attempting to look at the bright side of these troubling times and be thankful. Prices for thanksgiving dinner are estimated to hover around $61.17 total for a gathering of 10, a decrease from $64.05 which was the average cost last year. Despite this, prices still remain markedly higher than in 2021, when the cost was $53.31.

In truth, many Americans are simply struggling. Over 60% of the nation is estimated to be living paycheck to paycheck, and the middle class, which has been shrinking for years, continues to grapple with the effects of inflation as their wages stagnate and the buying power of the dollar declines. In times like these, people are cutting expenses in any way possible, and industries like restaurants, hospitality, entertainment and tourism areas have seen decreases in total revenue as people tighten their pockets.

While economic uncertainty is troubling enough, a physical tragedy occurred right before the holiday season. In a horrifying incident, a charter bus carrying school children and their chaperones was rear ended by a tractor trailer. The incident occurred in Ohio on the road known as I-70. Three people were killed, and eighteen others were injured. Tuscarawas Valley students were on their way to a Ohio School Board Association conference in Columbus when the tragedy occurred. The meeting was promptly cancelled when news of the crash broke. In a time in which family is strongly emphasized, this event is truly saddening.