Mother Gets Life Sentence For Leaving Child To Die

Kristel Candelario of Ohio received a life sentence without the possibility of parole for the homicide of her 16-month-old daughter, Jailyn.

Last month, Candelario entered a guilty plea; Michael O’Malley, the prosecutor for Cuyahoga County, stressed the severe lack of parental duty.

While on vacation to Puerto Rico and Detroit, Jailyn’s mother left her unsupervised in a playpen for ten days. Upon her return, Candelario informed the authorities that Jailyn was unresponsive. The Cleveland Division of Fire and Police were dispatched to the site. Jailyn was declared dead.

After ten days alone and unsupervised, her infant, according to an investigation by the CPD Homicide Unit, was discovered in a filthy Pack-N-Play cage, lying on a liner that had been contaminated with urine and feces, with soiled blankets around her. She was profoundly dehydrated. After facing charges of aggravated murder and child endangerment, Candelario entered an admission of guilt in February.

Because she struggled with depression and other mental health difficulties, the mother has begged for forgiveness.

Although Derek Smith, Candelario’s attorney, admitted that her client’s conduct was unacceptable, he stressed that her client was a single mother dealing with emotional difficulties and feelings of being overwhelmed. In 2023, Candelario tried to hurt herself and was prescribed antidepressants. However, she stopped taking them suddenly without lowering the dosage gradually, which might have unwanted effects.

According to Anna Faraglia, an assistant prosecutor for Cuyahoga County, Candelario left Jailyn alone for two days before taking a vacation.

The medical specialists and police regarded the case as particularly horrific, the pinnacle of treachery, according to Judge Brendan Sheehan of Cuyahoga County Common Pleas.

Neighbors said Jailyn was a delighted baby, always smiling. They also said they would have gladly minded her while the mother went away. All she had to do was ask.