Missing Woman Found Dead In Boyfriend’s Chest

A missing lady from Texas was reportedly found dead on Sunday, her corpse wrapped in plastic and stored in the refrigerator of her lover.

The estranged mother of 35-year-old Heather Schwab reported her missing in June. Her mother told the authorities that she had not heard from Schwab in a year because of her drug usage and other problems.

Schwab’s 42-year-old boyfriend, Chad Stevens, reportedly scared her because he was aggressive and may have hurt her. Regrettably, the mother’s worries were realized when Stevens’ ex-wife reached out to her and informed her that the guy had slain Schwab and buried her in the backyard.

On November 6th, McKinney, Texas, police executed a search warrant at Stevens’ home, where they found a frightening scene. The arrest document states that sheetrock was used to seal off the kitchen from the remainder of the house.

When the cops broke through the sheetrock, they discovered the woman’s corpse wrapped in excessive quantities of plastic wrap and placed inside the refrigerator.

It remained unclear what caused her death.

Stevens told the police that Schwab had died late and that he discovered her lifeless body.

He claims he put her in the refrigerator because he didn’t know what else to do.

Schwab gave authorities conflicting accounts of what transpired before stating Schwab died three days after falling in the shower and hitting her skull.

But the story was different from what Stevens told police in June. He said Schwab had abandoned them, and he had no idea where she was.

When neighbors inquired about Schwab, he gave them a different explanation, stating the woman had passed away from cancer.

His ex-wife and daughter claim he said he looked up the penalty for hiding a body and read he’d get five years.

Cops have accused Stevens of tampering with evidence; however, further charges are likely.