Mass Support Given To Passenger Who Stormed Out Of Plane

Despite claims by fellow passengers that he saved their lives, one individual was apprehended after violently strutting out of an aircraft’s emergency escape and onto the wing during a four-hour delay at the Mexico City airport.

The AeroMexico jet was at the Mexico City International Airport on Thursday, ready to take off for Guatemala, when an irate customer got off and got back on without affecting the aircraft or anyone else, according to airport officials.

The airport said that he subsequently surrendered to the authorities.

Nevertheless, many passengers put their names on a statement, scrawled on notebook paper, asserting that the airline subjected them to a four-hour wait devoid of air conditioning or refreshments due to the flight’s delay. The man allegedly lost control to protest for everyone, with the support of everyone standing in solidarity.

Passengers’ health was put at risk because of the delay and shortage of air—images of the statement that were shared online show that the passengers maintain that he saved their lives.

At least seventy-seven people onboard the plane signed the statement endorsing the man’s behavior. The passengers’ complaints are validated by an incident report submitted to the airport.

The Mexican carrier stated patron dissatisfaction on flight AM672 began manifesting at approximately 11:37 a.m.

The trouble began when the flight was supposed to take off at 8:45 a.m., but the captain had to return to the gate for the necessary maintenance due to a maintenance alert on the plane.

The report stated that one of the disgruntled passengers “stepped out on the wing” after opening the emergency exit. Switching planes was necessary due to his actions.

Passengers were seen begging the flight attendant for water and fanning themselves in a video purportedly filmed on board the aircraft.

Flight AM672 to Guatemala City on Thursday was reportedly 4 hours and 56 minutes behind schedule, according to flight tracking services.

The man’s status as a detainee is unknown.