Man Wins $50,000 After Facebook Bans His Account

A Georgia man locked out of his Facebook account—where he kept several private photographs—took legal action against the social media giant and emerged victorious. 

Jason Crawford filed a lawsuit against Facebook after the company “terminated” his account for “no valid reason” and then failed to cooperate with him in fixing the problem. 

Crawford said he tried to contact Facebook parent firm Meta Platforms, which also operates Instagram and WhatsApp, many times but was ignored by the internet giant. 

Crawford’s Facebook account has been deactivated owing to a previous infraction for making political comments on the site.

He said he awoke on Sunday morning and tried to open Facebook but could not. He said they made it clear he was banned.

When Crawford needed assistance, he discovered it was difficult to contact a human being, constantly being referred to the platform’s automated support system. But having an account is required to submit a query, and his account was suspended– a frustrating Catch-22.

He filed suit because he couldn’t locate anyone to listen to his case. 

A lawyer, Crawford, filed a lawsuit against Facebook in August 2022, claiming the company was “negligent” in blocking his account “based on a violation that did not occur.”

The man wanted access to the images, movies, and postings that were in his account.

He said he wouldn’t allow a bunch of bullies to take them away from him for no reason.

Due to Facebook’s lack of response to his lawsuit, the judge ruled that Meta would pay the plaintiff $50,000.

At that point, he received word from Meta.

They reactivated his account, and he felt a little vindicated.

However, Crawford informs that Facebook is not complying with the verdict and has not made any payments, so the battle is far from over.

The social media platform “is choosing not to do the right thing at every step,” he said.