Liberty Safe Hands Out Access Code To FBI

Recently, Liberty Safe revealed they had helped the FBI by providing them with the safe combination they needed to get into J6 defendant Nathan Hughes’ home during a raid.

Liberty Safe claims to be America’s most reputable manufacturer and has been in business for 30 years. They say they have become the go-to brand for Americans due to their unwavering dedication to producing high-quality gun safes. A Liberty gun safe has unrivaled security features, including protection from fire and bars that lock in a military fashion.

But when the FBI raided Hughes’ residence due to claims of Hughes’ involvement on January 6, Liberty Safe gave Hughes’ access code to the FBI.

According to a report, the raid on Hughes’ home was detailed, including Liberty Safe’s collaboration with the authorities, in an X post written by the Hodge twins, indicating that they knew Hughes personally.

According to the post, Nathan Hughes was the target of a federal raid because of J6. The FBI subsequently arrested Nate at gunpoint. His girlfriend was held at gunpoint and cuffed. The FBI conducted a thorough investigation of his home, which included disabling his surveillance equipment and internet access. Federal agents contacted the company directly to access the Liberty Gun Safe.

The charges against Hughes stem from events on January 6th.
Hughes didn’t hurt anybody or destroy property. The left and the mainstream press have branded him a traitor and a terrorist.

A report shows that Liberty Safe claimed it has always complied with genuine legal demands for access credentials and has consistently declined requests without a warrant in the past.

The firm has said that moving forward, a subpoena will be necessary to force Liberty Safe to disclose access codes and that this will be the case only if the codes are still stored in their system.

The company stated that consumers may now choose not to have their information stored in the company’s database. This keeps the safe’s access code secret.