Kim Jong Un Regime Is Training Child Bombers

The Kim Jong Un regime is training children to help with the modernization of the country’s weapons program, according to the Wall Street Journal. The news comes as tension in the area increases between the communist regime and the United States. The military of North Korea is reportedly the fourth largest in the world and with 1.2 million active-duty soldiers.

Kim has been looking to indoctrinate children to aid in the effort to grow the military. Hyun Lee, a North Korean refugee, told Business Insider that as children they were taught that it would be an honor to serve in “General Kim’s army,” adding that he thought enlisting was an obvious decision.

The difference between North Korea and the United States, which is currently experiencing a recruiting crisis, is that the latter has an all-volunteer force that does not begin recruiting until one is in high school. In addition, while soldiers in North Korea are taught to pledge their allegiance to the leader, namely Kim Jong Un, soldiers in the U.S. take an oath to serve the Constitution.

Children in the communist nation are indoctrinated from an early age, according to Anna Fifield’s book “The Great Successor: The Divinely Perfect Destiny of Brilliant Comrade Kim Jong Un.” She wrote that a sign in front of a nursery thanked the leader and inside there were images of cartoon children soldiers wielding weapons.

North Korea has reportedly put its new tactical nuclear warheads, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and underwater drones on display. Its military provocations come as Kim reportedly told Russian President Vladimir Putin that he was in a “Holy War” against the West.

In a letter written to the Russian leader, Kim expressed his praise, describing Putin’s actions as keeping world peace. The two countries have cooperated on issues such as trade, energy, and defense.