Kari Lake: “We’re Going To Start Chasing Ballots Like You’ve Never Seen”

According to a report, Judge Peter Thompson of the Maricopa County Superior Court found that Kari Lake’s legal team had not shown enough evidence to show that the county had violated Arizona law while verifying signatures on mail-in votes for the general election.

Lake’s legal team has uncovered a slew of anomalies throughout their investigation, including noncompliance with signature and chain-of-custody standards, the invalidation of thousands of votes due to printing troubles, and more.

At a press conference, Kari Lake announced a new initiative to protect Arizona from crooked elections, although she plans to appeal the verdict, which is unlikely to alter anything. In the 2024 election cycle, Lake’s group, Save Arizona, will execute the most extensive “ballot-chasing campaign in the state’s history. 

Lake said she entered this field with the intention of eliminating corruption and restoring the government to the people. Many individuals came to vote, but their vote was not respected. She disclosed that they would work to correct that. 

Lake announced that her team was launching a ballot-chasing operation that is the largest in Arizona’s history and possibly the country’s history.  

Kari Lake explained that the election was ruled to remain in place by the courts. The recent court ruling allows elections to be conducted without following the law. The courts have made a ruling that allows for anything. We can follow the same rules. If anything is allowed, so be it.

Reports show that Lake won her appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court after her first trial contesting malfunctioning voting machines at 60% of polling places in Maricopa County that were targeted towards Republicans. 

After the same judge dismissed the signature validation fraud count before trial, the Supreme Court remanded it for further consideration. Maricopa County could not have correctly verified hundreds of thousands of mailed-in signatures.

Maricopa County’s own data shows approximately 274,000 signatures on ballots were supposedly verified in no more than three seconds per ballot, but Judge Peter A. Thompson sided with the Defendants again, suggesting that signature reviews did take place in some manner.